Satyameva Jayate: Is AAMIR speaking Anti – Hindutuva?

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Society
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India is known for its multi cultured population. Having different languages throughout the different parts of the country, we still stand as a nation (?). At least, while watching Cricket. We have thousands of occasions, in which the unity of nation was seriously questioned and sometimes it was accurately proved. Some people in some parts of the nation breaths ‘separatism’ in terms of Religion, language, caste, culture etc. Our national spirit and unity was questioned in very inhumane way when we think of the occasions like Godra Riots, Babri Masjid demolition, religious fights in Bombay, etc.

The pain and the black mark that those events created in the national sprit will not go very easily.But who cares about it? We don’t care about it. Today people accuses AAMIR KHAN and his first ever television program ‘Sataymeva Jayatae!’, and they claim Aamir is going Anti Hindutuva. People don’t mind about Rakhi sawant publicly saying her willingness to check the Virginity of Baba Ramdev in a TV program last year. No one questioned that. Even Ramdev. Comments and discussion in most of the internet forum and social networking sites found to be accusing Aamir as a Muslim and he goes against Hindutuva. This nasty attitude once split India into three different nations. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are the three neighbor enemies of Asia.

What mistake these people found in the program and with the presentation of actor? If it was a program like Big boss and someone brings porn stars (Sunny Deol) as the marketing celeb of the program, these people will not bring their religious identity into those program, no matter Salman or Sharukh does that. Even they are Muslims (!) They become united in watching those @#$#$% things.

‘Satyameva jayatae’ is one of the notable programs in the history of Indian television not because of Aamir, but because of his efforts in bringing the social issues in to the limelight of the society. Yes there will be monetary benefits and marketing gimmicks attached to it. But without that no one can run any program. A person named Anna hazarae was occupying the frames of almost all the TV channels frames, but where is he know. Do you remember? Anna or Aamir will stand with some social responsibility but our Indian Medias wont. Because, they are there to earn money. Any one should satisfy them.

Aamir is one of the few personalities in the cinema industry, who always try to grasp the attention of the society for a social cause and National spirit. His films Lagaan, Taare zameen par, 3 idiots, fanaa are focused on the national spirit and some social cause. So, as some people accuses, a man in silver screen at the level of superstar did not require a small screen TV platform to create fame for him. So stop accusing someone who stands for a social cause through his profession or field. Stand as a nation in eradicating social problems and support those people, not only Aamir in wiping out the social problems.

Stop classifying an Indian in terms of his or her religion, caste and ethnicity. Because that is not going to affect a real soul’s social responsibility, but it will affect only the unity of the country. Let us stand as Indians and solve our problems on our own.

Satyameva jayatae!

Truth only triumphs!

  1. balachandarksr says:

    Rightly said Riyaz. People are doing many good things, But they are good in criticizing.

    • RIYAZ AHMED says:

      Peolple should think before they speak… good effors should nt go waste

      • MURALI GANESH says:

        well said sir…. he is a good social reformer too,.

      • RIYAZ AHMED says:

        Yes. Murali!
        Very few celebs have that social conciousness.Most of the actors who calims as superstarrs try to do things which will build their wealth, and they do njoit bother about what happebns to the society. … IN this regard aamir stands out..

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