Book review : Aiysa

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Books & Movies, Society
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‘AIYSA – An introduction note for a scientific book’ 


200 or 20, pages are not important when you read a book. So many books are being written with some purpose to the readers. Some for religious propaganda, or political standing or economic operation or some book focus on individual development. Recently I was fortunate to read a book named ‘AIYSA – An introduction note for a scientific book’. It was amazing.

It speaks about the teacher student relationship in general and issues related to educating attitude among the teachers. One of my close friends gifted it to me and after reading the book I have gifted some copies of the books to people I know, because the author asks to do that. Not as a way of marketing the book but it is a sentimental write up to be shared among people to revolutionize the way we teach and learn. Aiysa is a girl studying in 10th std. she was always curios and a good intellect. The book speaks as the author was a teacher in that school and how she was impressed by the intellect of Aiysa. The author in 5 chapters gives a clear picture of who Aiysa is and what she does. Aiysa asks questions to all the teachers and as usual that makes the teacher’s job tougher. What she gets back is not the answers but lots of problems and punishments.

The fortunate relationship between the author and Aiysa gives a great chance for her to learn about the girl in detail. They were in great bounding; Aiysa spends most of her leisure time in the author’s home. They learn together from the book stolen by Aisya from a public library. A good fun and haapy day comes to an end on one Sunday. The small girl has so much tragedy in her life, as she was an orphan. She lives with her aunt, as usual in a very difficult environment as an orphan. No one likes Aiysa except the author. So, to Aiysa the teacher is her mother, her god, her everything, that’s how she has written in her diary. When the teacher comes to know that on a Sunday, she was informed by a girl Aiysa’s friend that Aiysa is sitting near school ground and she wants to speak to the teacher. She realizes something unfortunate happened. As she thought, Aiysa was lying pathetically on the ground, using a chemical injected into her, prepared by her, by using the same chemistry technique taught by the teacher some days prior to that incident.

Aiysa, after little conversation with the author, died. The author ends the story by making it unclear whether it was an accidently happened or Aiysa intentionally did it. But the past of Aiysa makes it very clear; Aiysa must have done it intentionally. Suicide. The whole theme of this book revolves around one common question.

Are teachers today in our educational system encourages the curiosity of the students?

Are the systems delivers what students needs or we try to forcibly mold the students for our educational system? In the present scenario, the answer is definitely not.

Then how to transform things? It can’t be done with the pay packages. It can’t be done with any martial benefits. It should come from the heart, to serve the society by creating intellectual and socially responsible next generation. Very few teachers fall into that category.

Lets spread this word to underline again teaching is a NOBLE profession. A worth read for teachers and valuable book for students.


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