GDP, IIP, Inflation. Did all these represent the AAM AADMI, the so called COMMON MAN?

Recently I heard one of the speeches of Rahul Eswar, a well-known intellect and a known personality in India said “India is not a nation – it’s a Notion. It’s a belief”. I agree to that 100%. We all are living in a nation which doesn’t have national identity of its own. The nationality of Ind

Rahul Eswar

ia is identified by the collective nationality of its states. That’s why in statute it is said that India is a ‘union of states’.

For this reason, taking Indian nationality for granted is a very serious issue. One of the Chinese goals to become super power is, to break Indian state in to different countries. The recent separatist and irresponsible activities and arguments for that seriously hurt the nationality of India.

Ours is a country dreaming to become superpower. In my previous article “Vision 2020 – is it still a dream” I talked about the requirements and hurdles for our superpower dream with reference to two well-known books (Vision 2020 & India after Gandhi).It is a very serious time in which India has to quickly react to all its hurdles as I mentioned earlier the Geopolitics play by China is seriously a biggest threat.

So many people talk about economic growth, referring as India is growing. The fancy GDP figures, the positive IIP data, reducible level of Inflation, everything gets a greater attention in all our English, business channels. Are we really moving up as a nation? Seriously not. All our GDP figures and IIP data did not have any relationship with the 99% of Indian common man. These figures represent only the remaining 1% business owners and richest people in India. Those figures in that sense it is waste of time. Because, only 500 biggest business group could not represent 120 + crore populated Indian nation.

What about our GDP figures. Is it really talks about the growth of the nation as a whole? If yes then, why are we talking about Inclusive economic growth and Banking & financial inclusion? Who got excluded. 120crore+ people knows it is the rural areas of India. Sadly India has majority of the area as rural. For the sake of statistics we can change the figures. We can give city status all our villages, but what the reality will be? We do not care about it.

Inflation is calculated by Price indexes. In general there are two different kinds of Price indexes wholesale (WPI) and consumer price indexes (CPI). But India has four types of CPI itself. CPI for urban, rural worker, agricultural worker, etc. So we follow WPI, Which is not the real picture of Inflation. Then for what &*^&* we are banging our heads with those inflation figures?

All this figures are not giving the facts. Where will this problem end? Separatism. All our rich poor economic gap burst as rebel movements either to throw out Indian state or break up as a different nation.

What do we think of Maoist movement? What for them fighting? Simply the poor economic policies of the central and state government dragged the poor people into such an armed movement. Who cares about that? We think India is a nation by birth so we don’t care about it.

What do we know about the Kashmiris? For what the youth people in Kashmir throwing stones and fighting with the great Indian army. Simply, they want a job. But our army has the right to shoot those people without any prior permission. Then we need some IROM SHARMILA’s to fight by fast unot death. We treat Kashmir as our state, but we don’t take care of the kashmiri people over there. Who cares about that? We think India is a nation by birth, so we don’t care about it.

Unless and until we realize that Indian nationality is a thin belief which forcefully got created in front of the British pistols. We should please our citizens to understand British not came to India. They came to Tami Nadu. They came to Karnataka. They came to Kerala. When they leave they left from India.

Then where are we going as nation? We have so many problems inside, which are seriously marching towards breaking the Great Indian super power dream. You can find so many people talk about it for and against. Possible and not possible.

But unless and until the ignorant Indian common man understands and acts for it, we cannot achieve the super power status by the year 2020. If we miss it that year, we miss forever. Because it is already disclosed to the world that we will be super power in 2020.

So don’t rely on fancy figures. We should change and improve the ground reality.

We will get hundred Montek singh aluwalia to redefine the statistics by changing the below poverty line slab (BPL), but we need million Bhagat singhs to light up the sparks in the minds of this generation to revolutionise the Indian dream. Jai Ind!

IROM SHARMILA – One in million of Indians to revolutionize the National spirit. Saluting her!


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