This is not a book review. It is about reviewing the great Indian dream ‘Vision 2020’.

It is a 324 pages book, consisting 12 chapters and first published in 1998 ‘INDIA 2020 – A vision for a new millennium’ written by APJ.Abdul Kalam with YS Rajan gave a revolutionary vision for the nation’s future. That time I was very young. I was in school and I was not aware of what a nation is? What are the responsibilities of its citizens? Why should we have a vision?

But after so many years I was fortunate to understand the idea Vision 2020. In 2006, I won a copy of the book from my college for my good performance in academics (!). I read it but understood very few things. But one thing was clear; my generation is with a greater responsibility to make India a developed country.

The word ‘Developed’ denotes what? What are the aspects a country should have to claim her as developed nation in the international stage? I got answers for those questions from that great book. Mr. kalam and Rajan described in each and every chapter the goals to be achieved in different industries. Starting from answering the question ‘can India become developed country?’, ‘what other countries envision for themselves?’, the book analyzed the status quo of various industries like;

  • Technology
  • Food and agriculture
  • Chemical industries and biological wealth
  • Manufacturing and services
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Infrastructure

I was surprised about the clear vision on all the above mentioned areas and it gave a lot of hope for youngsters of my age to dream living in a developed nation.

In the same year 2006, a book authored by Ramachandra Guha, titled India after Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy got released, discussing various issues that challenge the fantasized India’s growth story. The ten political and social challenges that India has to deal with

  1. Left wing extremism
  2. Religious extremism
  3. Corrupt center
  4. Decline of public institutions
  5. Growing gap between the rich and the poor
  6. Environment degradation
  7. Political fragmentation of the Indian electoral system
  8. Un reconciled borders
  9. Unstable neighborhoods
  10. Apathy of the media

The author Ramachandra Guha indirectly conveyed a message to the readers that in the present scenario our vision is very tough to achieve. And the book won 2011 Sahitya Akademi Award for Historical Narrative and content.

Comparing the thoughts of both the books, India has not changed a lot. Really speaking Indians have not changed a lot. Even today so many people are not speaking For and as Indians. Most of us want to show our religious identity or caste identity or ethnic identity. We never stand as a nation. Our national identity will come in to play only in cricket and in some Bollywood movies. That’s all.

Then what are we doing as a nation? Today in so many aspects World is comparing our self with China. Totally a different country in terms of politics, economic, ideological structure. Chinese give importance to their country than the individual citizen. Opposite to India. Indians will never be ready to sacrifice our comfort ness for the sake of nation. Which is important individual identity or national identity? That has to be finalized before going to the final round of the developed nation game. If individual is important do not get in to those games. Because that’s not our cup of tea.

Some intellects will argue that even china has so many problems within their country. Why am I talking about the Indian problem alone, because we are Indians, we have to take care of our mother land. Chinese problems are none of our business in today’s scenario. Today we are in 2012, what hope that the nation left for the next generation? Only confusion and problems.

In the past few years we Indians are enjoying separatism. Religious separatisms, caste separatism and ethnic separatisms. The roots of those separatisms are deliberately supported by Indian citizens for various monetary and non-monetary reasons. For example, we are the only country which has a complex and confusing foreign relations. A small tiny country Srilanka killed 550+ Indians in the southern states of the state Tamilnadu in the past few years , but India cares for the sovereignty of Srilanka than our own. This created fire in ethnic separatism among Tamil people. Sure if it continues Indian nationality will suffer a lot.

Like this many Miss handled economic policies in the west areas of the country paved way for Maoist movement. Today unofficially they control most of the western southern districts of the country in various states. Who are they? Are they from china or Pakistan? They are our own people. They have some problem with the economic policies of the country, which widens the gap between the rich and the poor. That has to be addressed as soon as possible. Are we taking really effective steps to solve the problem? Few years back government force killed the Maoist leader who came for peace talk with a journalist. Why? Where is the problem? It is not in the Naxal jungles, it is within our political parties, the so called people’s representatives. So many unanswerable questions go on like this.

This is not a book review. It is about reviewing the great Indian dream ‘Vision 2020’. As Kalam said

‘Dream is not something which we get in sleep; dream is something which will not let us sleep’.

Vision 2020 will not happen fortunately in the year 2020. Every single day, Each and every Indian should work towards it. Only

then the Indian dream will come true…

We all are waiting to see the grown India.

India without poverty;

India in harmony;

A true world’s largest and greatest democracy becoming richest democracy too.

Let’s all work hard; make sure Subas Chandra Bose efforts not gone waste. Jai Ind!

Let’s all work hard; solve all the hindrances for the nations growth ; leave all the individual benefits behind and step forward as a nation ; Let’s make sure Subas Chandra Bose efforts not go waste. Jai Ind!

  1. balachandarksr says:

    True face of India, has to be accepted with painful heart.

  2. rajkumar says:

    if we can dream it,, we can achieve it sir,,,

    • riyazahmedk says:

      we have to Work in hormany.. stand as a country in everything… I hope only then it is possible Rajkumar. Youngsters like you should take this dream further and make it as a reality.

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