Book review:Karuppu vellai – Matin Luther King (From Black or White to Black and White)

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Books & Movies
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Story of Martin Luther King Jr. and US racial Discrimination

Just now I finished reading the dark side of United States and its racial cruelty which shown against the black people openly 60 years ago. Don’t know about the inside problems of Today’s Super power but their past was very horrible and barbaric.

The world’s greatest democracy as they claim it today was not really democratic in the past. Most of us came to know about these issues only when Barrack Hussein Obama won the presidential election. The “yes we can!” speech made by Obama was compared with a speech of a man who revolutionized the black people and fought against the racial discrimination of white Americans. Barrack Obama said in his yes we can speech, “ From today there is know black America or white America, we all are united states of America!”. His words clearly convey a message to the world that still his victory there was racial discrimination in US.

So much was hidden and undisclosed to the world about US. This book “Karuppu vellai – Matin luther King”(Black white – Martin Luther King) written by Balu sathya a well known author in the Tamil literature gives a broad idea about US, their Racial conflicts, and the Raise of King.Jr.

The book has 11 chapters’ concentrates on the following things: let me brief it ..

  • Generations of Slaves: August3, 1945 from Spain three ships full of people lead by Christopher Columbus, started its journey to reach a destination known as a place which has lots of agricultural wealth, gold, diamond, and everything on earth. The place they wanted to reach was nothing but “INDIA”. But their journey went in a wrong route and they found a country called “America”. Full of tribal people, that place was good in the natural wealth. Columbus in his understanding called those people as Red Indians, because they were Red and he thought them to be Indians. Historically that name was used to mention the Tribal people of America. Then People from Spain and Portugal came to America, they captured read Indians and they killed most of them.
  • Negros: A country was captured. Now some work has to be done to create Wealth. Who will do it? They were in need of People who have physical strength and uncivilized. They straight away went to African countries and captured, tortured the Black people and brought them to US to work as slaves. They are called ‘Negros’.
  • Discrimination in education:  For hundreds of years Negros were used as Slaves. Male slaves have to work on the agricultural and trade related fields. Female were personal secretaries. Personal secretaries (!). Don’t think it is simple than male slavery work. Personal secretary have to sexually satisfy the boss and do domestic works at home. Food was given twice in a day. Rice.! Morning once and evening once. That too not for the welfare of slaves, but for their energy. White people bought those black slave machines, they treated them like that. For car petrol, for motor batteries, for slaves it rice. It was taken like that. Years went on like that discrimination was in everywhere. Even in Education. Black children ill get different school and different quality of education. White people will get good quality of education to their next generation.
  • Martin Luther King – Protest by avoiding transport: Born from a black family King jr always had these questions in his mind. Why should these happen to Black people? King himself was a victim of so many racial discrimination. Year went on and he became a pastor. And popularly called as Father by his friends. One life story transformed everything, and gave a new shape and hope for black Americas future. He Inspired by the Ahimsha model Of Gandhi – Father of Nation, India. King read all his books visited India, learnt about Gandhi in detail, and followed the same Ahimsa for the rights of his people in US. His first protest was avoiding transport offered by white people. Because in public transports black people should sit at the back, even though the front rows are free they have to stand and do their journey, they have no right to sit when a white person stands in a bus. Barbaric. Lead by King Protest against discrimination in buses was a success for Black people. They found a new leader with a successful model Ahimsa.
  •  Walk for freedom: Bus problems solved, what about other issues? King organized a protest in the Abraham Lincoln memorial place, naming it “Walk for Freedom”. John F Kennedy was the president that time; he supported King and Black rights. King gave a world remarkable speech popularly known as ‘I have a dream’. Emotionally attached to every black person and they will remember the lines even after thousand years. King spoke about the future of black in US, dream of Lincoln, civil rights etc.
  • A new weapon for revolution: Black people found a new weapon and a great leader. Revolution started in the minds of black people. They obeyed king. King became a greatest leader of the US among the Black people.
  • A handshake with death: Ku Klux Klan, an armed group. Racists. Their only agenda was to kill black people, hurt them, and torture them. They could not tolerate the rise of king and the success of black revolution. They through bombs directly in to Kings home. They set bombs in his walking place. Fortunately King escaped in everything. He got so many calls threatening him not do revolutionary things. King ignored everything, he got two things for that in his life one is Nobel Prize and another one is Death.

Some days before his assassination, King gave a very emotional speech. He said for the Black rights he is ready to give his life. The whole speech was very emotional. Some times during the people started to shout to show their emotion when king said he will die for the cause.

As he said, King was shot dead by a white man when he was standing on the balcony. That person was arrested four months after king’s assassination. But his wife, friends, even the black people were not ready to accept that was an act of one single man. It was a result of white’s racism, not all but some are not able to tolerate the equal rights giving to black people.

                        Revolutionaries die, but not their revolutions.

King died, but today Blacks and whites are same legally (!) They are equal in the society.

The book contains so many important things for a society and some important thing to convey to the world.  All are equal. You can divide people based on caste, religion, ethnicity, language etc. But for what? Why people want to be separated…and discriminated?

What we get out of racial, religious, ethnic discrimination … Pain, suffering, and death. Human should treat all equally. If some one discriminates people based on something. Revolutionaries will born and they rise to write history… If we question and condemn the separatism of Palestine, Kashmir, Eelam, etc. We should first question the people responsible for discrimination.

It is a good book to read at this time of ethnic conflict and separatism. It is a good book for Tamils to read at this point of time to know how people came forward to fight against injustice. The same old golden proverbs come in mind: Union is strength..! This book shows how black people stood up as a united group under one leader to put an end to all sufferings. God will not come for the sufferings of people, but he will send his representative to revolutionize the society.  US got Martin Luther king; same are the revolutionaries of Palestine and Tamil Eelam too.

They might die, but their revolutions will not.

Book Details:

Title: Martin Luther King – Karuppu vellai

Author: Balu sathya

Publisher: Kilakku pathipagam

Type: Non fiction/ Biography

Price: Rs 75/-


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