Book Review: MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI – Robin Sharma

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Books & Movies
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Robin Sharma’s Gift…

It is a beautiful breezing morning when I read the last chapter of the book “The monk who sold his Ferrari“…

Robin Sharma, internationally acclaimed leadership guru and author of internationally bestselling books of leadership and self-improvement, wrote this book in such a way that the characters played in the book portray each one of us.

It might be too late to write something like a book review on a book which was published in the year 2003. But the content and the knowledge that the book gives us is eternal. It helps each one of us to look back our life and make sure that we are really and fully living, because as robin says in this book “without looking down in climbing a mountain, after spending our full effort, time and energy to reach the top only to realize that we have climbed the wrong one, gives no meaning to our life” Simply saying, this is what the central theme of the story played in the book.

The wisdom that Robin has comes out as dialogues and conversations between two important characters, John and Julian.

It all starts with an event in the court room, Julian gets a massive hearts attack while arguing, which makes john and others around them shivering. Because Julian Mantle, a successful lawyer with whom John and others are running a law firm, is a person well known for his successful case victories, lavish lifestyle, night club enjoyments with girls, and his red stylish Ferrari. The next day following the event, Julian declares to the board of the law firm that, he is not going to continue his profession. John was shocked to hear this, because Julian was the one who taught everything about law and legal tricks to john when he was doing legal education. Julian inspired john that, he felt law as his passion and he did everything to win the cases he taken. So such great lawyers suddenly why have to go out of legal career after an incident?

In confusion about Julian’s decision to quit, John continued his legal profession with the wisdom he learnt from Julian. After some months, a monk like person came to meet him in his office, shocked to see it was none other than Julian mantle with much younger and different look.

Julian explains what made him look so younger, calm and enlightened. He explains his journey to the hills of Himalayas to meet the sages of Sivanas. Yogi Raman, yogi Krishnan, Diviya, sumo wrestler, the pink wire cable, roses, diamonds and so many things and people he met in the hills of Himalayas taught him lessons of life.

Julian gives elaborately, the techniques he learnt from the sages which gave him the happiness that he lost in his stressful legal career. Techniques that Julian says that sages taught him are timeless virtues. The seven timeless virtues he learnt give some important lessons for all human beings, are the following

  1. The magnificent garden: Master your mind
  2. The towering light house: Follow your purpose
  3. The sumo wrestler: Practice kaizen
  4. The pink wire cable: live with discipline
  5. The gold stopwatch: respect your time
  6. The fragment of roses: selflessly serve others
  7. The path to diamonds: embrace the present

Julian says before teaching the virtues of sages, Yogi Raman got a promise from him that after he moves out of hills he should spread this words to others out in the city to enrich their lives. With the same promise Julian conveys this virtue to john.

And of course the author virtually getting a promise from readers of the book that they have go and spread this words outside for the wellbeing of others. And sure I am fulfilling the virtual promise by writing something like a review.

If you feel that so far I have explained everything about the book, you are absolutely wrong. I have so far explained only the outline of the story. The book has so much extraordinary stuff.

This book surely will help students, professionals, entrepreneurs and everyone who wants to transform their lives and the life of those surrounding them.

Go read and spread the good words about the book to know how to focus on the priorities and thereby maintain a balance and simplify life.

Because like Julian explains in the book,

“All the mistakes that you ever make in your life have already been made by those that have walked before you”

“It is not what you will get out of the books that is so enriching, it is what the books will get out of you that will ultimately change your life”

Go, get the book read it and enjoy your life.

Book Details:

  • Book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (With CD)
  • Author: Robin Sharma  (
  • ISBN:  8179927067
  • ISBN-13:  9788179927069, 978-8179927069
  • Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
  • Number of Pages: 216
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