I Have a Dream : New ways to solve Old problems ( Book review)

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Books & Movies, Society
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From Martin Luther King to Boy next door: Change starts within.

We read many books.! Each one give us different inputs and knowledge. Recently i read the book ‘ I have a dream ‘ written by Rashmi Bansal, an IIM Ahmadabad alumni.  I read her two other books named ‘ Stay hungry, stay foolish’ and ‘ Connect the dots’.

Rashmi Bansal, Author

The first book ‘ Stay hungry stay foolish’ discusses about the alumnus of IIM who set up a company and became the world renowned entrepreneurs. These people are management graduates. So the second book concentrated on Non MBA’s who became entrepreneurs and made their organization top in the country or the world.

While reading those books i always had one question in mind that, is entrepreneurship is only meant for making profits? i think it’s not only for that. I know a lot of people who started a company for a social cause (!). Their business are not driven by the money but they are driven by values. How your company benefits the society and the people associated with it. How long a company sustain only based on the monitory values? Even of course ,if it sustains what the use of it for the society. Nothing.That was what i thought when i read those two books.

I was surprised when third book from Rashmi answered my questions. It is a book which speaks about 20 social entrepreneurs who found new ways to solve old problems. How is that possible only for 20 people to do a business which focuses only on society? because they had the wish to do something good to the society.

Each story is different, they happened in different places with a different purpose to solve different problems. The author divided the contents of the book in to three kinds on social entrepreneurs:

  • Rainmakers
  • Change makers
  • The spiritual capitalist

All Inspiring stories,! they are the solutions to the age old problems. I was impressed to read the first story itself. It was the story of Revolution in Toilets. Sulabh International was created by Bindeswar Pathak, the business of constructing toilets and giving rightful place in the society for those who once cleaned them. It is a greatest story to start with especially in India, because of the fact that India ( aspiring Super power) has more mobile phones in the country than toilets. The book consists of 20 such inspirational stories which the youngsters in India should read, to make INDIA SUPER POWER dream, in to reality. The book starts with quote of Martin Luther king Jr, and the author named the book , from King’s

Martin luther king.Jr

inspirational speech ‘ I HAVE A DREAM‘ delivered in August 28,1963 in which he called racial equality and end to discrimination. It was one of the greatest speech delivered ever in the history of the world.He spoke for a social cause in a revolutionary way.

And this book is such a kind of revolutionary work , which have to be applauded. Caste away, Beyond the profit , Teach a man to fish, The naked truth, Into that heaven of freedom are the few among the most inspirational stories given in the book. At the end of the book the details and website address of the companies are given for the readers reference, which really helped me follow and understand the organizations more deeply.

If you have the burning fire in your mind to do something good to the society , for the betterment of the economically abandoned people in the society this book is worth reading, because you will end up with tears. That is for sure. Their stories say one thing loud and clear – change starts within one person and that person could be someone next door. Someone like you and me.

These are the people i like most and to me they are equal to King.Jr. They are different in their issues and cause but they are unique for one reason they care for the people and society.

20 social entrepreneurs are not sufficient for million of social issues to be solved. The social problems can possibly solved only when all the entrepreneurial ventures concentrates most on the welfare of the society. If not on the welfare at least not to spoil the society in any way by our companies acts or Acts. Because once again i repeat,. change starts with one person, and that person could be someone next door. Someone like you ..! we all forget one thing ,.When you and I  join then that is called as ” Society”.

“I Have a dream.. that one day al of God’s children will be able to join hands and sing.. Free at last..! Free at last..! Thank God almighty.. we are free at last” – Martin Luther king Jr, speaking on 28th August, 1963, at the Lincoln memorial, Washington D.C.


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